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Advent Craft Project – Sacrifice Bead Box

Advent Craft Project – Sacrifice Bead Box

This Sacrifice Bead Box is a perfect gift for your family to prepare their hearts for Christmas and have a special gift to offer to our Lord on His birthday.

Materials needed:

  • Paper Mache box (we used a heart shape)
  • Purple material to cover the box
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sticky-back black felt
  • trim
  • glitter glue
  • mini beads
  • mini-holy cards (can be found on our website at this link: Mini Holy Cards)
  • bead instructions printed for the inside top of the box.
    The following bead instructions are taken from the Catholic Family Living Series – Advent booklet which has many more Advent activities and ideas. (It can be found on our website at this link: Catholic Family Living Series – Advent booklet  )

Sacrifice Bead Instructions / Explanations

GREEN – Giving up treats and desserts
RED  – Holy Communion received
PINK – Acts of charity, especially to family members
YELLOW – Bearing suffering patiently
WHITE – Acts of obedience
BLUE – Prayers said well, rosaries, novenas, extra prayers and devotions
ORANGE – Extraordinary sufferings, super-excellence at prayers, great effort in schoolwork, difficult chores done, not eating Christmas cookies and candies when other children are, etc.
BLACK – Sinful or “naughty” behavior may deserve black beads which can then be “redeemed” by acts of penance and extra-good behavior.

Please let us know how you liked this activity and if possible send a picture to us of the box you make!