Palm Sunday – Weaving/Braiding Blessed Palms.


Palm Sunday – Weaving/Braiding Blessed Palms.

On Palm Sunday Holy Mother Church blesses palms for Catholics to take home to use as Sacramentals during the year.

A portion of the prayers Holy Mother Church uses for the Blessing of Palms before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Palm Sunday is:

“O God, Who dost gather what is dispersed, and preserve what is gathered together; Who didst bless the people who went forth to meet Jesus, bearing branches of palms; bless likewise these branches of palm and olive, which Thy servants receive faithfully in honour of Thy Name; that into whatever place they may be brought, those who dwell in the place may obtain Thy blessing, and all adversities being removed, Thy right hand may protect those who have been redeemed by our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son.

One custom for folding the palms from Poland is shown in the video. Thank you to my mother who taught me this technique when I was a child. We have continued this custom with our children. We hope you may try this technique and especially that you may keep the custom of using blessed palms in your home.

May you have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

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